Our lessons offer a practical experience of driving on the streets of New York and help prepare you for the road test. The lessons are for all drivers, new or experienced, who want to learn how to drive from step one or master techniques that the road test requires.

For Inexperienced Drivers:

For those learning to drive from step one, our lessons offer a comprehensive walkthrough of basic vehicle controls, important safety information, driving techniques and road signs and markings before getting behind the wheel. While driving, you can expect professional tips and guidance from our licensed instructors. We will ensure that you learn to drive without fear and improve your confidence with every lesson you take.

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For Experienced Drivers:

Drivers with some or extensive experience in the US or another country still need to master certain techniques required to pass the NYS road test. We will teach you all the skills that are neccessary for that.

During our lessons which prepare drivers for the road test you can expect to master:

  • Left & Right Turns, Smooth Steering
  • Smooth Acceleration & Braking
  • Using Your Signals Correctly, Communicating With Fellow Drivers
  • Checking Your Mirrors & Blind Spots, Observation
  • Shifting Gear Properly
  • Traveling at an Appropriate Speed & Following Distance
  • Obeying Traffic Signs, Signals and Markings
  • Stopping Position
  • Lane Position and Lane Selection
  • Anticipation & Reaction Time
  • Joining the Traffic and Pulling Over
  • Performing the Parallel Parking
  • Performing the 3-point Turn (K-Turn or Broken U-Turn)
  • Negotiating the Intersections with Traffic Lights and Stop Signs

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We also offer a wide range of custom-tailored lessons designed specifically to meet your needs (the rates are upon request):

  • Highway Driving – $85 for 60 min.
  • Night Time Driving
  • Driving in Heavy Traffic
  • Refresher Lessons (for those who lack the behind-the-wheel experience)
  • Manual Transmission Lessons
  • Motorcycle Riding Lessons

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Driving Lesson

Every day 9am-7pm, intensive driving, one-on-one instructions, special attention to female, teenager and first-time drivers. We speak English and Russian. We pick you up and drop you off at the address you provide in South Brooklyn

60 minutes – $70 Book Now Most Popular!
90 minutes – $100 Book Now


5-hour class (mandatory pre-licensing course)—$55, offered via ZOOM weekly. Please inquire with us about the next class date and time!

6-hour class, approved by TLC (Defensive Driving Course, gives you 10% discount on car insurance for 3 years and up to 4 points reduction from your driving record)—$65, offered weekly.

Road Test

Includes the use of our vehicle, final instructions (specific to the chosen test site) and the round trip transportation to and from test site.

in Brooklyn – $200

in Staten Island – $215

In Queens, the Bronx or Long Island – $350

All test sites are different. Some sites are easier to take the test at. So if you want us to set the appointment for you, please add:

Regular road test appointment scheduling, usual waiting time 6-8 weeks – $25

Expedited road test appointment scheduling, usual waiting time within 10 days – $100


driving manual russian
NYS Driver’s Manual book in Russian
$12+$3 (Shipping)
driving test q/a
Q/A for the NYS Permit Test in Russian
($10+$3 Shipping)

(Prices listed above are for cash / check payments. We also accept credit cards and Paypal, however a 3% processing fee will be added to that. Road test appointment waiting times are based on a normal work volume and are not guaranteed)