You don't want to drive a cheap old car all your life. So why use such a car for your lessons? Start driving the car of your dreams. We use only new luxury vehicles (BMW and Lexus), equipped with dual brakes and dual mirrors.

We offer motorcycle riding lessons

“Riding a motorcycle on today's highways, you have to ride in a very defensive manner. You have to be a good rider and you have to have both hands and both feet on the controls at all times”.
Evel Knievel

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We offer mandatory 5-hour class by ZOOM weekly.

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Has the best experience with this driving school! I hired them for my daughter and they did an exceptional job guiding her and helping her pass her road test! They are very patient and helpful, highly recommend them!linda G. Manhattan, NY
Thank you Dima for being great instructor, you helped me a lot! I have passed my exam and waiting for my driving license! Definitely recommend this driving school.Yaroslav P. Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY
I had a great time! My instructor, Dmitri, was very professional and patient. He gave me very helpful lessons and made me a more confident driver. When he took me to the road test, I passed with flying colors on my first try. Thanks again sky light!Dis Maisseur M. San Francisco, CA
This Driving School was so amazing. The Instructor Dmitri is nice and professional. I recommend this school to any and everyone that is trying to learn how to drive. Thank you so much DmitriChassy T. Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY
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Defensive Driving Course
Do you want to get 10% Discount on your car insurance for 3 years? Do you need to reduce up to 4 points from your driving record? Then you need 6-hour DDC class!
Approved by TLC.

Your New York State Licensed
professional driving instructor
Dmitri Shvetsov
with his award-winning
unique classic car
1957 Volga GAZ-M21V


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one-to-one tuition

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I want to get a NYS Driver's license, where do I start?

The first step is to get a Learner's Permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Obtaining this permit requires passing a 20-question theory test for which we will gladly supply learning materials. There are FREE practice theory tests here on our our website. After obtaining the Learner’s Permit, you will need a pre-licensing course (5-hour class), which we are proud to offer at our school. Then you will need some driving lessons to prepare you for the road test. We will be glad to arrange these driving lessons for you. As a next step, we will schedule the road test appointment for you, and our certified instructors will accompany you in the car that you are already familiar with after the driving lessons.
If you are under the age of 18, you will need to wait 6 months from your Permit issuance date before scheduling your road test, but you can still take the driving lessons. We are happy to help you with every step of the way to obtain your NYS driver's license!

What exactly would I learn during your driving lessons?

We offer driving lessons for every driver on the road. Young, inexperienced drivers can learn basic skills from vehicle controls to handling all road situations and prepare for their road test. Fully licensed drivers can learn how to drive defensively, refresh and master their skills. And if you had a driver’s license in another country, we will teach you the specifics of how to pass a road test in New York. We have special programs for women and teenagers. Our bilingual certified instructors will evaluate your skills and advise you on the best possible learning plan for you. All our lessons are one-to-one, just you and the professional instructor.
Our lessons can teach any driver anything about operating a vehicle and road usage.

What should I expect during the road test?

The road test is a behind-the-wheel assessment of your vital skills as a driver. You can expect to be tested on smooth steering, moderate acceleration, gentle braking, proper gear shifts, appropriate speed, adequate following distance, obeying traffic signs, signals, and markings, stopping position, lane position, communicating with fellow drivers, observation, anticipation and reaction. You will also be asked to perform maneuvers such as left and right turns, pulling over, switching lanes, negotiating the intersections with “stop” signs and traffic lights, making a broken U-turn (also called a K-turn or a 3-point turn), and parallel parking. Schedule your driving lesson today to see how prepared you are for the NYS road test. We will also promptly schedule the road test for you at an optimal location.

I have failed my road test. What now?

It is not the end of the world! Schedule the driving lessons with us, so we can analyze your mistakes and teach you how to avoid those on the next road test. We will help you to build up your driving experience through the extensive practice in a variety of road conditions. After that you will feel comfortable during any driving situation. Additionally, we will go over every maneuver you need to pass the road test again. Sharpen your skills with us to ensure full preparation for your second road test attempt. When you will be ready, we will schedule the second road test for you.

Our Professional Driving Instructors
will guide you to success!
from your first lesson - to the
road test - to years and years of safe